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Quotations or signed acceptances do not guarantee availability, to reserve this trip, you must contact Lake Crystal Coaches to issue a confirmation.

RATES: The charges for the quote is based on the original information given to us. If, during the trip, the chartering party desires to change routing of the trip, makes side trips or extend originally scheduled trip, additional charges will be assessed and collected based on the availability at the time of change.

ITINERARIES: all applications of charges are based on customer-provided itineraries. Final itineraries to be provided 2 weeks (14 days) prior to scheduled departure. Final charges are subject to change if the final itinerary differs from the itinerary provided for original charges.

PAYMENT: A 25% deposit of total charge, may be required at time of booking. Complete payment is due prior to date of the trip unless the customer is on our billing system, or other arrangements are made. Failure to send the full payment prior to trip date, may result in a cancellation of the charter.

CANCELLATION: Cancellation of trip deadline is 2 weeks (14 days) prior to trip date to avoid any cancellation charges. This policy does not include trip cancellations due to weather.

PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES: Sunflower seeds, gum, smoking of any type, glass – screw top containers are accepted, drugs and illegal items are prohibited on all coaches.

GRATUITY: Customary, but not required, gratuity ranges from $1 to $2 per person, per day. Gratuities were not included in the charter price and should be paid directly to the office staff, or by request, we can add gratuity onto charter total and will be passed in full to the coach driver for your charter.

CLEANUP FEE: Excessive cleaning required to the interior of the coach will be billed to the chartering group. Examples: Bodily fluids, liquid spills and excessive garbage on the floor.

FEDERAL REGULATIONS: The Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety, has adopted certain regulations for the protection and safety of both the customer and the driver. Electronic Logging Devices are installed in the coaches to help with this.
Drivers are limited to 15 consecutive hours on duty (all hours with the group) in any one day. Of this 15 hours, a maximum of 10 hours may be actual driving hours (behind the wheel with tires moving). Upon reaching a destination and the driver’s total driving hours have been used, the driver must have a minimum of 8 hours off duty before local service may be performed or to begin an extended period of driving.

DISCLAIMER: Lake Crystal Coaches shall not be liable for delay or non-performance resulting from road failure, road or weather conditions, labor difficulties, or any other cause beyond their control. Also, we are not liable for damage to or loss of baggage or other property. Baggage and all other property will be handled at the passenger’s risk and only in an amount that can be conveniently carried in the storage areas of the charter coach. And damage to the coach by the charter party will be charged by the carrier to the charter party. Lake Crystal Coaches reserves the right to substitute equipment if in our sole discretion a substitution is necessary.

It’s our goal to provide our customers with the finest motorcoach experience possible.

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